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II Step House

The Akal Institute incorporated in Delaware on 12/22/1988 a private operating foundation A 501-C-3 corporation.

Inception History:
A substance abuse extended care facility was operated at Keezletown VA certified in Va Aug 22 1991 received tax exempt status on 1/18/1991 EIN 54-1511748 II step facility acquired May1 1991 - [ ] Certified in Ca Feb 17 2010.

Recognizing the chemical dependency alcohol presented, the founder knew some individuals would require more than primary treatment for their dependency and would benefit from a living/working/therapy program.

The II-Step House came became a realization.

The First II-Step House will receive full support from the founder and will accept assistance from all who offer and benefit the primary purpose of the project. The II-Step House shall be governed by an appointed board of directors. This corporate board and other committed members of the community will be welcome to contribute services and/or funding to both expanding programs and the establishment of the II-Step Houses.

It is the founder's vision is that II-Step Houses will become first known nationwide and grow into world known wellness centers.

II Step house operates under a non profit (501) (3C) corporation dedicated to assisting alcoholic and other chemically dependent adults who are motivated to maintain their sobriety. II Step provides extended residential treatment for men and women ages 18-65.

The foundation of the II Step program is based on the belief that people seeking or maintaining recovery must be responsible for their own financial, social, physical, and emotional behavior. So, the program works to provide a structured environment that helps restore dignity, personal responsibility and self-esteem. Therapy, employment, strengthened commitment, and new skills all come together in the commitment to rebuild lives at the II Step house.

For men and women with a commitment to improvement

II-Step House serves chemically dependent adult men and women from any part of the country. Residents must be motivated to maintain sobriety, must be employable, and must be accepted by the staff and current residents.

Most residents will learn about II-Step House from counselors at their primary treatment centers. Others are referred by social workers or employee assistance personnel at their place of employment. People will be referred to a II-Step house because the support system it provides is considered important to their continued recovery. Family members often contribute to the decision of entering into the II-Step House.

Individual Responsibility and Group Support

Flexible living arrangements at II-Step House will provide near-homelike conditions for the up-to 90-day program. Key elements of the program are:

Work and financial responsibility

We believe the discipline inherent in steady employment is therapeutic. Therefore, we require each resident to find and maintain a full-time job and pay for room and board during his or her stay at the II-Step house.

Supportive community living

Program staff and residents work together to develop an atmosphere conducive to maintaining healthy changes in behavior. Peer support creates an atmosphere of- each one teach one.

Residents help each other develop problem solving skills in group therapy sessions, resident committees, and weekly self-governance meetings.

Reality Based Testing

Residents will participate after the program is fully established in two reality-based therapy groups each week and receive individual counseling with staff as needed.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Residents must attend at least two AA meetings each week

An Experienced, Professional Staff

Each II-Step facility will have certified chemical dependency counselors and a program director. They are to be supported by a full-time secretary/bookkeeper, a cook, and house managers. Medical, psychological, dietetic, and quality assurance services will provide to each program by contracted consultants. Management and administration are to be handled by an executive directory and a senior accountant, who divide their time among all the programs.

Financial Support

The major portion of II-Step House operating expenses is to be funded through fees and services from clients. The Akal institute provides managerial assistance and funding expansion, capital needs, and operating expenses as needed.

For more information we welcome inquiries from counselors, social workers, employers, and individuals with chemical dependency problems.

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