Turning Scars Into Stars


Pham Chopra

Upon his spiritual awakening on Christmas Eve of 1975, the Founder was restored to a happy, useful and whole life. His vision and mission to serve through the Akal Integrative Wellness Centers. This work is his love made visible.

In gratitude for his own recovery he now reaches out to others. Pham has sponsored over 1000 people who are substance abusers, offering them unconditional love 24 hours a day.

Awakening to higher consciousness – In my experience

Awakening to higher consciousness

After uncovering discovering and discarding the blockages, we arrive at a point of continuing improving and practicing expanding our consciousness

Steps by which spiritual awakening - Helps us connect with our intuition

These steps will awaken us to Our spiritual self and with continual practice, expand our consciousness enabling us to live joyful and peaceful lives and to be restored to our happy, useful, and whole selves.

1) Consecration:
the focusing of the total mental and spiritual efforts to the Eternal innermost Self

2) Surrender:
wholehearted giving over of all action and goals to the Eternal.

3) Sacrifice:
continual and determined willful subjugation of our ego to the Will and Purposes of the Eternal Self

4) Love:
yearning for unity, longing to return to a state of wholeness and oneness.

These four steps develop in us consciousness in which the sixth sense becomes an integral part of our life.

The first step is Willingness - the Key with the mind and being dedicated to a search for wider consciousness, our life will inevitably be transformed, a sense of intimacy will come into our consciousness, and we will find resource by which we are able to give over our goals and aspirations and the fruits of our labor.

To serve the highest good of all. The Eternal…

Think of an occasional hunch or inspiration becoming an ordinary function of our mind.

This is simple and it is true. It really does work.

Share with gratitude and love, Pham.

Deeply Rooted in Shenandoah Region - Quick Facts:

Akal Institute and its founder, Mr. Pham Chopra, have significant ties with local Rockingham County and Town of Elkton, VA, community.

  1. Mr. Chopra has lived in the Elkton community for over 42 years. Mr. Chopra owns considerable real estate in the town of Elkton and surrounding area including his personal home and farm.
  2. Mr. Chopra has a longstanding involvement in the town of Elkton community. Serving revitalization board in the past and for many years as a licensed Principal Real Estate Broker and a Class A General Contractor.
  3. The Akal Institute, a nonprofit foundation, was founded by Pham in 1988. He is President/CEO of Akal Institute.
  4. Akal Institute is registered as a foreign corporation in Virginia currently and has been existing in VA since its inception under the laws of the State of Delaware. It is a nonstock 501(c)(3) corporation incorporated in Delaware and operating as a foreign corporation in both CA and VA with designation as an operating foundation.
  5. Akal enjoys wide support locally in the Town of Elkton Virginia community for this project. This is evidenced by the expressed written support of the Towns of Elkton and Shenandoah. Many volunteers, collaborators (local and other) have joined the project.


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