Turning Scars Into Stars


Founders commitment to self-sufficiency

He initiated Blue Ridge Projects (http://blueridgeprojects.com) after purchasing the land offered by the Town of Elkton.

He decided that he would do for the Town of Elkton what he has been doing with individuals help restore the town to its rightful place as a jewel in the Shenandoah Valley.

His vision then included the development of the Town of Elkton as a means to earn money to help fulfill his vision which has now evolved to Global Integrative Wellness in light of the global pandemic challenge to humanity with special focus on emotional sobriety.

He’s personally focused on Addictions Recovery Transitional Living Centers as a dedication to the Town of Elkton.

He has initiated the Elkton Improvememt Project to renovate the Historic Theatre and the historic Conrads store (The town was known as the Conrads store during the revolutionary war), conrad had a store which the founder has purchased offer of the owners.

The mission is to fix and donate these to AKAL Institute Trust, he is in the process of establishing under AKAL Institute A private Operating Foundation Founded in 1988.

The Blue Ridge Projects Earnings are committed to AKAL Institute.

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