Turning Scars Into Stars


Nishant Whig

Dr. Nishant Whig is a physician based in Buffalo, NY. He completed his medical schooling in India and worked as a junior resident in the Dept. of Plastic Surgery and Burns before joining family medicine residency at State University of New York, Buffalo. He was fascinated by mental health and that led him to join Buffalo Psychiatric Center, a NY state mental health facility where he researched on the effects of yoga in schizophrenics as well as effects of antipsychotics medication on the heart. His interest in brain health also led him to develop a nootropic supplement. He completed his MBA from Babson College with a concentration in Corporate finance. Most recently, he worked as a R&D strategist at N2BIOMEDICAL, developing a marijuana breathalyzer, for the law enforcement agency.

Dr. Whig believes in a holistic and integrated approach to health and advocates a lifestyle which includes taking care of body, mind and spirit.

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