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To awaken the dormant power within a human being through integration of ancient wisdom of India, spiritual technology, and modern modalities, to heal from within and cure addictions of all kinds, both chemical and behavioural.

AKAL Institute Values

Global Wellness (GW)

We are the Akal Institute, a Private Operating Foundation, founded in 1988. The Akal Institute is operating in the USA and India with a focus on:

  • Transitional living centers for addiction recovery
  • Wellness centers
  • Wellness retreats
  • Vocational and life skill training
  • Income generating enterprise technology solutions and services
  • Lifestyle communities
  • Philanthropy and local community give back

Our core competencies include diverse industry expertise in the following areas:

  • Healing, rehabilitation, and wellness
  • Technology
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Compassion
  • Thought leadership

Background and history - The founder started Akal Institute USA in 1988 as a Non-Profit organization to tackle the challenge of harmful addictions in U.S. through holistic principles and solution-oriented approach to treatment recovery. This entailed a structured program to awaken and reconnect with personal power. In 2020, he inherited Institute of Home Economics (constituent college of DU), which was founded by his sister Dr. (Mrs.) S. Malhan. The founder’s vision is to the create Akal Institute India to carry forward the principles of his sister, which will replace the Institute of Home Economics. Akal India will be formed as a Wellness Trust, as a society to be registered under the Society Registration Act 1860.

All Healing Begins with a Change in Belief
Words from the Founder

The lack of power is the dilemma:

The condition is helplessness and hopelessness the individual is not able to access the power to initiate healing to awaken the healer within.

The intellectual mind has a distorted perception of the three basic human relationships Relationship with self-Relationship with others Relationship with the innermost self to access the Absolute Power Via The sympathetic nervous system/ Subconscious mind. We use subjective technology to reconstruct the relationship of the individual with a higher source of Power to Awaken the healer within Vital life force we had to sympathetic nervous system and the subconscious mind.

To reconstruct the relationship with others, to reconstruct the relationship, one’s self. This is done by uncovering and discovering and discarding that which is blocking us from the source of power. We use a simple set of principles spiritual in nature.

To get to the root of the problem instead of hacking at the leaves Using techniques, common to all human beings over millennia Examining causes and conditions

The nature and the root of the problems
Affecting ones shift in belief with this insight
Starting a habit pattern of thinking only what we wish to experience

Clearing away the wreckage of the past for a new beginning

To improve this relationship with self and others Disciplined approach of introspective examination of causes and conditions through symptoms Following our belief that a life unexamined is a life not worth living Rectifying these errors by encouraging a life of love and tolerance Growing and understanding in effectiveness the discipline of living one day at a time Improving.

This relationship with our Innermost most Self, to access the Power from which we have/had, is the illusion of being disconnected. A life of retrospective examination, planning a vision ahead, and taking brief moments to reconnect when symptoms of discomfort appear during the day the daily blueprint.

Aligning oneself and tuning in to the source of all power with the belief that one has received and reconnected and attitude of Thank You.

And finally practicing a life of Service with Love With no conditions awakening to One’s purpose in life
Living a life of purpose and meaning by utilizing the gifts one has awakened to.
the blind man sees, - The light has appeared
This evidence-based approach practiced in the Universally accepted 12 step program Enables the healing within in healing the Mind of lack and limitation and false beliefs and negative thinking We automatically heal our body.
The transformation in the individual leaves Freedom from Addictions and Behavioral Disorders One then lives a happy useful and constructive life.

In summary:
This Spiritual technology enables us to reconstruct relationship with self with others and With Our innermost Self the source of Power. The program is customized to everyone by our Health Coaches. We have gone to this personal transformation Utilizing this Spiritual Technology Individuals are encouraged to reconnect with their Higher Power Through their innermost self in their own personal manner.

The principles are universal in nature, A holistic approach special technique to revitalize nerve energy life energy Perfect assimilation Proper breathing Physical reconditioning and there is more and much more.

Evolution of AKAL Institute India Charter

To provide de-addiction services through the 12-step program, create spiritual discourses to awaken the potential within.

To train health coaches and rigorously conduct these programs according to the protocol.

To create ties with the local medical community so that patients can benefit spiritually, mentally, and physically from the courses offered.

To adopt Evidence based approach in healing.

To offer the latest technology and modalities to counter addictions and promote neuro enhancement and general wellbeing through latest alternative therapies such as neurofeedback, light therapy, brain photo biomodulation, transcranial magnetic stimulation and other non-invasive stimulation methods.

To provide services which are safe for all age groups, in most professionally maintaining stringent quality control.

To replicate such centres in other parts of India, based on local demand.

To create audio and video content of the program offered, for greater outreach.

To integrate eastern and western healing modalities for optimization of mind, body, and soul.

Activities and research programmes for the extension of knowledge in the field of integrative wellness

To set up Integrative Wellness Centers specialized facilities of high standard for the public.

To run, own, manage and administer Wellness training centres, diagnostic centres, integrative holistic health care facilities & medical research centres in India and abroad.

To organize and conduct refresher courses, research, summer school workshops, field work, training programmes and other such courses along with other related programmes considered necessary by the Society authorities.

To launch/print any medical magazine, periodicals, pamphlets, books, monographs, or posters considered necessary for the promotion of aims of the Society.

To invite experts for lectures, on related and other themes, holistic, experiential learning and other educational, scientific, cultural or any other area of concern for the Society.

To appoint necessary staff required for running the affairs of the Society.

To create a core group faculty and other discussion groups and pay them the remuneration and provide the necessary facilities from time to time.

To disseminate information and knowledge derived through research and experiential learning and the aims of the Society to larger audiences for the benefit of the people.

To collaborate with other institutions, distinguished individuals, and societies for promoting aims and objects of the Society.

To do all such things as may be necessary, incidental, or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the Society, including the undertaking of any production, manufacturing, or industrial activities.

To establish Akal Integrative Wellness Complex Applied Technical Courses, Engineering College and other educational institutions, Schools and Colleges after taking permission from University, State Government/Central Government, or any other competent authority.



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